Energy Performance Certificates - business properties.

Energy Performance Certificates for newly built business premises
When a building is physically complete, the builder must:
Arrange for an accredited energy assessor to carry out an energy performance assessment when the building is complete and produce both an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) and a recommendation report for it. Give the EPC to the building's new owner within five days of completion. Notify building control officers or approved inspectors at the local authority that they have done so. Building control will not issue a final completion certificate for new buildings or refurbishment projects requiring building regulation consent until they are satisfied that the EPC has been properly produced and presented to the relevant party. Building regulations include standards for the energy performance of new buildings which builders must adhere to in order to be compliant.
The same EPC responsibilities also apply when a builder completes a renovation or refurbishment that converts a building into more or fewer units than previously and, as part of that work, provides or extends any fixed services for heating, hot water, air conditioning or mechanical ventilation services provided in the building.
However, modifications to electric lighting do not trigger the need for an EPC.